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Leilani's hope

HEALING through

We're spreading hope by breaking down barriers to entry and getting the care children and families need - when they need it.  We seek to provide access to therapy & medical services (mental, emotional & physical) for abused children, foster & adoptive families and at-risk mothers in the Kitchener/Waterloo region.

We believe that children who have experienced trauma and their families shouldn't be waitlisted or aged out of care.  In the same way, receiving timely, quality care shouldn't be restricted to those who have extended health benefits or deep pockets.  We connect our clients to qualified, caring healthcare practitioners to address the body holistically.  We provide access to manual therapies, counselling services and other medical professionals as appropriate. 


This is made possible by working in partnership with local health practitioners that we choose to work with, and the financial support of our donors.


Help more children and families access quality health care services when they need it.

Your donations directly support these life changing services. 

  • Are you a healthcare worker interested in joining our network of trusted healthcare professionals in KW?

  • Are you a local  community organization that can help identify children; at-risk mothers or foster/adoptive families who need support?

  • Are you interested in using your professional knowhow (legal, accounting, marketing, special events, fundraising, etc.) to do some good?

Empowering abused children; at-risk mothers,and foster/adoptive families one therapy at a time.

Connecting abused children; at-risk mothers and foster/adoptive families to quality, time sensitive healthcare, regardless of health benefits or financial status.

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