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Your donations help save the lives of abused children and mother's at risk in the Waterloo/Kitchener region by helping them access the therapies they need.

We believe your donations should go to the end cause, and not organizational fees. Thanks to some private donors covering the majority of administration fees:

  • 100% of individual & 75% of foundation/corporate donations will go directly in support of a project/therapy* (unless otherwise specified for admin support). 

  • 25% of corporate donations will support administration & legal fees with roll over going back into sponsorship programs/therapies*. 


You Choose - Donate Directly to Sponsorship Therapy (or administration costs)*

Want to Donate without the vendor fees?

If you would like to donate without vendor platform fees coming out of your contribution, you can create a direct deposit from your bank account or e-transfer directly to: info@LHOPE.CA. Contact us for for more details.

*PayPal takes 1.6% + 30 cents for every donation as vendor fees. 

*We are a nonprofit an can not give you a tax receipt at this time. If you would need a charitable receipt for your contribution, please contact us for more details.

We have filed for Charitable status and will update here if awarded charitable status. 

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