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Supportive conversations in a therapy setting. Three ladies gathered, sharing experiences, and empowering each other at Leilani's Hope.


Mother embracing her happy child with a heartwarming smile.
Expert care and healing touch. A doctor providing manual therapy to a child's knee, nurturing their path to recovery and resilience.
Building strength together. A caring doctor guiding a child through band exercises, fostering growth and well-being at Leilani's Hope.
Communicating through sign language. An adult and child engaged in speech therapy, fostering connection and empowerment at Leilani's Hope.

At Leilani's Hope, we understand the immense need for counseling, mental health services, manual therapies, and dental/medical care among vulnerable individuals and families. Sadly, many face financial constraints that hinder access to these critical supports.

Our mission is to alleviate stressors and provide essential support for abused children, at-risk mothers, and foster and adoptive families who have experienced trauma. We hold a deep compassion for biological families navigating the heart-wrenching decisions they face, as well as for foster/kin/adoptive families, who often carry the weight of helping their child(ren) heal from past traumas.

At Leilani's Hope, we firmly believe that financial limitations should never stand in the way of essential care and healing. Through dedicated efforts and unwavering support from our donors, we work tirelessly to ensure that no one is left alone in their journey to overcome life's challenges.

Transparency & Ethics


We believe your donations should go to the end cause, and not organizational fees. Thanks to some private donors, we can fully claim:

  • 100% of individual & 75% of foundation/corporate donations will go directly in support of a project/therapy. 

  • 25% of corporate donations will support administration & legal fees with roll over going back into sponsorship programs/therapies. 

We are a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (charitable #: 747595148RR0001).  Tax receipts are issued in Feburary.

Other Resources/Services


It can be complicated trying to navigate and find what services and supports are already available.

We're developing a list of current resources/supports that children, at-risk mothers and families can access across Kitchener/Waterloo.

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