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Mother and Son
Speech Therapy

Unfortunately, many people who desperately require counselling/mental health services, manual therapies, and dental/medical services but lack the finances to access these necessary supports.  


Leilani's Hope is set relieve these stressors for abused children, at-risk mothers, and foster and adoptive families who have experienced trauma. We are burdened for the biological families who are coming to terms with decisions they have made in having to give up their child, as well as for foster/kin/adoptive families who often feel like they are alone - trying to deal with the trauma their child(ren) have experienced.  

Transparency & Ethics


We believe your donations should go to the end cause, and not organizational fees. Thanks to some private donors, we can fully claim:

  • 100% of individual & 75% of foundation/corporate donations will go directly in support of a project/therapy. 

  • 25% of corporate donations will support administration & legal fees with roll over going back into sponsorship programs/therapies. 

Other Resources/Services


It can be complicated trying to navigate and find what services and supports are already available.

We're developing a list of current resources/supports that children, at-risk mothers and families can access across Kitchener/Waterloo.

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