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KickStarter Campaign 


Like every other charity and non profit organization, we have certain unavoidable startup costs (legal and administrative).  We're raising funds to help cover the costs so that we can start getting the help children, at-risk mothers and families need sooner. 


Professional Healthcare Network


We're looking to grow our network of trusted professional healthcare practitioners.  If you are a medical worker and are interested in donating a portion of your typical service charge, please contact us.  We are actively recruiting medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, registered massage therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, osteopathic manual therapists, physiotherapists and more to join our list of vetted health care practitioners.  

Our aim is to remove barriers to quality care by covering 75% of your treatment costs, and being able to offer a charitable receipt for the remaining costs.


Care Subsidies ​


We're raising funds to help ensure that abused children; at-risk mothers, and foster/adoptive families are able to access quality care and services they need - when they need it.  Once approved, we develop a treatment plan and refer our clients to the appropriate health care professional(s) on our approved professional care list, who have agreed to waive a certain percentage of their treatment costs, and our care subsidies cover the rest of the cost.   


Community partnerships 


We aren't interested in reinventing the wheel, or taking away from the great work that local organizations are already doing in KW.  We recognize that many of these organizations are doing amazing things - while understaffed and often times under resourced.  We wish to come alongside these organizations, help relieve the burdensome waitlist and when appropriate, work with these partners to help identify clients needing supports.


Resource page 


In some cases, helpful resources may already be in place, but people are just not aware they exist.  We're creating and maintaining a list of resources that already exist in the KW area that cover a variety of needs (shelters, counselling services, free clothing, etc.).

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